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Ending the Fatherless Epidemic

There are MILLIONS of people affected by the Fatherless epidemic around the globe, whether directly or indirectly. I understand the importance of creating awareness to this problem and providing solutions; not only through my book, but through various organizations across the globe that share my vision.

My personal vision is to:

1. Empower and encourage single mothers across the world to raise phenomenal children despite whatever unfortunate situation they may be in. There are horrifying statistics that prove single parent homes have a more negative impact on children that are raised in them. This doesn't have to be the case if a single mother has faith and a plan.

2. Motivate and inspire fatherless teenagers and fatherless young adults to pursue their dreams. I too was fatherless growing up and achieved numerous levels of success. ANYONE, despite how they start life, can still live life as a champion!

3. Encourage and transform the mindset of fathers that have challenges maintaining a consistent presence in their children's lives. A father's responsibility spans far beyond that of sending a check. Even though a father may live hundreds or thousands of miles away, any bond with that child is better than no bond. Being a father is important.

4. Connect with fatherless fathers that are in their children's lives, hopefully reinforcing the importance of what they are doing and also inspiring them to encourage other fathers to do the same. Through my story, maybe it will help surface any hurt, anger, or pain associated with their fatherlessness and provide an avenue for them to be free of the burden of those negative emotions.

5. To encourage fatherless teenagers and adults to possibly reach out and find their father if its been years since they last spoke. Some of these people have never had a relationship with their father. Some single mothers have younger children that don't have a relationship with their father. In either of these cases, I hope my story inspires those that are affected by fatherlessness to reconnect that father. In some cases, it may not be healthy to reconnect with that father if that person is not a quality individual, but if it is possible, it should be considered. This is truly a missing piece in that child's or adult's life.