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The Fatherless Father
The Life Story of Reco McDaniel McCambry

Reco McDaniel McCambry's "The Fatherless Father" will challenge the popular cliché, "A woman can't raise a man." This book will arm you with a strong faith in God along with giving you certain principals and truths that will prepare you for the challenges faced in a single-parent household.

Single-mothers can use this book as a guide for raising a successful child. Teenagers who are fatherless can refer to the various life lessons described in "The Fatherless Father", which will help them obtain more respect and admiration for their mother raising them on their own. Additionally, fathers removed from their child's life will realize their absence is detrimental to the development of their child, inspiring a positive change in behavior.

Reco's prolific words cover his life's journey: from his traumatic birth to his challenging childhood growing up in the projects; from his teenage years filled with mixed emotions on his absentee father to a life-changing event during his college years. His mother, Deborah teaches him many lessons, many even unknown to her, not primarily by her words, but more so by her actions.This book concludes with a jaw-dropping turn of events, but still proving that adversity cannot stop a man from being a successful entrepreneur, father and husband.

"The Fatherless Father" will leave you inspired, encouraged, and motivated to end the fatherless household epidemic taking place around the world.