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An excellent road map for single moms and fathers who are raising a male or female child providing directives on the importance of placing positive inspiring individuals in your child life who are dropping seeds of accountability, encouragement, determination, drive and faith.

This book is a clear example that even though life is not always fair, God is fair. He promises to work all things together for good for those who love Him. God can see the big picture. That disappointment is not the end. We must remember, when one door closes, God has another door for you to walk through — a better door!
Atlanta, GA - Barbara Tipton
As I was cooking breakfast this morning before church I went into my room for a moment to see my 6 year old daughter sitting on my bed. She had taken a book from my night stand and was trying to make out some words. She asked "Daddy, how do I say this word?" The word was "sprinting"...Yes you guessed it...She was reading the 1st sentence in Chp 1. of The Fatherless Father. I gave her a little background to paint the picture of our childhood. Then my boys (15/12) came into the room and sat with my daughter and I. We began talking about various chapters in the book "You Will Work" really struck a nerve as my oldest experienced entrepreneurship first hand this past summer. My son says "Dad, I don't know what I would do if you weren't here", this prompted a hug from all 3 kids and tears of joy.

I read the book when I received it but have not taken the time to write you to tell you job well done! I made the time to tell you today because your book prompted a 2.5 hr discussion (Yes, we missed church) with my kids on God's Love and how as parents and spouses our love and lives parallel the story of Christ! Great job my Friend! Your book presented a Single Father with the opportunity to share the love and compassion of Christ with his children on this beautiful Sunday! Take Care -X
Chicago, IL - Xavier Johnson
I am still smiling from reading such an inspiring book! This was life-changing! May God continue to bless you and your family Reco.
Griffin, GA - Veda Watson
This book is awesome! It was amazing how Reco was able to translate different experiences over the course of his childhood so well on paper and actually inspire readers at the same time. I think this book will eventually become one our nation's best sellers! Congrats Reco on a job well done!
Georgia - Kevin
This is a GREAT life story. This book is going to be a breaking point for a lot of young single mothers that are out there raising there young children all alone and teach young and older men that they need to be there for their children know matter the cost. In life they say there are two sides of a story and this book has inspired me in what story a child should have for his or her parents. May God Bless you, your family, and your new family.
Great Mills, MD - Alton Cooper
The Fatherless Father" is a must read! You don't have to be a victim of fatherlessness to gain valuable insight from this book. It's a story of faith, determination and the will to win and one that provides hope to anyone who is looking to succeed in life!
Snellville, GA - Carlton C
Just finished reading this book... Wow! Great story, I am going to share this book with a few other Mothers who are doing it. Well written, much love Reco!
McDonough, GA - Consuelo
Reco, OMG, your book was wonderful! My 5 boys and their 2 fathers ARE going to read this book. I think everyone will benefit from reading your book. It's Life-changing!!! I'm calling others to tell them to order a copy and I will pass your flyers out too. I know Deborah is smiling down at you. Keep doing what you are doing and I want my boys to personally meet you one day! Thanks Reco....Fatherless Father is so inspiring!
Georgia - Nakebra Phelps
The Fatherless Father" is a very inspirational and uplifting book. I was impressed with how "Reco" told his life story in such a candid but classy way. This book is full of encouragement and practical steps to assist any parent, child or family member with some of the challenges of a fatherless household. It will leave you crying and cheering at the same time!!!
Maryland - Melody Crutchfield
I couldn't put the book down! From the beginning until the last chapter, it kept me interested and I couldn't wait to read what was going to happen next. I actually read the entire book the 1st day I started reading! Reco, you did an excellent job! Your mother must be so proud.

Everyone should buy and read this book. Single mothers, fatherless teens, fatherless adults, and just anyone looking for an inspirational story. This is the best book I ever read! I laughed at a number of the stories and I cried at times where I was moved emotionally. This will definitely be one of the BEST books of 2013!!!
Hampton, GA - Paulette Powell
The Fatherless Father will grab your heart and inspire you! It will motivate good mothers to be great mothers, absent fathers to become active fathers, teens to push and become the best that they can be! Thank God for great mothers like Deborah and for wonderful sons like Reco!

Reco, thank you for sharing your story and your heart!

#laughed #cried #inspired #motivated #grateful #thankyouforsharing
Hampton, GA - Monica Johnson

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